Steam/water interfaces in the various high pressure and high temperature steam drums operated inelectricity-generating power plants, glass, cement, petro-chemical, steel, and paper making plants requireclose monitoring and controlling for safe, efficient and reliable operation. Since most of these steamdrums normally operate at very high pressure and temperatures, any malfunction of  the level measuringand controlling instruments must be prevented so that serious interruptions and costly damages to theprocess or equipment can be precluded. 

In spite of the importance of close monitoring and controlling of the drum levels, industries in the pasthave relied on such devices as glass and float-type level switches. But they often malfunctioned, andrequired service or replacement interrupting the normal operation and processes. Based on many years ofexperience as the leading supplier of level and flow sensing instruments and in-company technologicalinnovation, Seojin Instech has succeeded in developing this electrode-type steam drum interfacemonitoring system that operates reliably in the extremely high pressure and temperature environment ofup to 300 kg/cm² and 560°C . 



♦ Measures the steam/water interface level

♦ No moving part

♦ Maximum operating temperature :  560°C . 

♦ Maximum operating pressure : 300Bar (4350psi)

♦ On-site and remote indication and alarm

♦ Indication and alarm for accumulation of extraneous matters

♦ Individual indication of damaged (leaky) electrodes

♦ Indication of disconnected wire

♦ Dual power supply system that enables normal operation in times of power disruption

♦ Output signals compatible with power plant requirements (Isolated analog for 2-wire PLC Loop Power)  

♦ Choice of multiple CPU-based control functions

♦ Availability of optional modules to accommodate particular needs :

   - Independent dual power supply system assures normal operation through dual

   - PCB design in time of a power failure

   - Number of control signals can be increased to 2 relays per board

   - Number of electrodes can be chosen 832 for continuous level

♦ Choice of High-Pressure or Low-Pressure electrodes depending on local needs

♦ Availability of High-Pressure or Low-Pressure water columns

♦ Simple installation and set-up, and easy maintenance

♦ Thousands of similar electrodes are already in use worldwide.




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