2. STRAIGHT TUBE : The Strandard length is 5 m., but can be cut to a specification length. the tube is available in seven different levels of temper so that any desired temper can be chosen according to the application for which it is used.

Standard JIS H3300 C1220 T (Phosphorus deoxidized copper) and ASTM B75 C 12200 (DHP)

Size Standard → OD.

♦ 3/16" →  4.76mm(0.187")

♦ 1/4" →  6.35mm(0.250")

♦ 5/16" →  7.94mm(0.312")

♦ 3/8" →  9.52mm(0.375")

♦ 1/2" →  12.7mm(0.500")

♦ 5/8" →  15.88mm(0.625")

♦ 3/4" →  19.05mm(0.750")

  • Pancake coils.jpg
    PANCAKE COIL 1. PANCAKE COIL :A light, easy to carry coil in the standard length of 15.24 m (50ft.) Standard JIS H3300 C1220 T (Phosphorus deoxidized copper) and ASTM B75 C 12200 (...

  • Copper tube with PVC.jpg
    LEVEL WOUND COIL WITH PVC (DRUM) 3. LEVEL WOUND COIL WITH PVC (DRUM) :A coil wound tight on a reel. Usable in a long length. Reels of varied materials and dimensions are available....
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