Electrode Level State Steam Drum


Levelstate is one of leading manufacturers of electornic water level monitoring systems.
The product range includes Electronic Drum Level Indicator(EDLI) for monitoring water level in cluding alarm and tripping at pre-set levels of steam genrating plants.


* Boiler drum

* Feedwater heater

* Deaerated feedwater storange tank

* HP turbine bypass drain sump

* Cold reheat drain sump

Distinctive features;

 * Choice of 8 to 48 chanels for various levels of visibility and centre to centre depending on site

 * Available for pressure rating upto 207 bar (3000psi)

 * Dual Power supply with 100% redundance and power supply failure indication

 * Self-diagnostic features to detect open-circuit/short circuit/contamination

 * Fully validated trip logic eliminates spurious trips

 * Fully configurable multiple DPCO relay outputs

 * Adjustable time delay output

 * Multiple remote display facility

 * Opto-isolated dual 4-20 mA analogue Output

 * Exlosion proof (Optional)


 * Quality system accredited to ISO 9001

 * Design approval of presure parts, operational and field testing of the system

 * Third party inspection, testing and certification by approved international agencies

 * Certification of explosion proof to international standard for use in Hazardous area



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